Monday, June 28, 2004

Being a kid at heart

Just had a picnic party for Vier at the Ateneo high school soccer field (near Moro Lorenzo) last June 26 (Sat). This was a birthday and inaugural boomerang throw celebration. In the morning, we all thought we would have to cancel the picnic due to the rain. But towards lunch time the skies started to clear. The picnic was originally supposed to be at the college soccer field but we changed venues so we would have a place to run to in case it rained again.

Of course, I spoiled my own surprise by getting a call from one of the picnic participants while V was with me. Grr. I brought lumpia (Lei's fresh lumpia ala Globe Restaurant of Binondo), 2 litres of Coke Light and all the plastic forks and paper plates. By then, since V already knew about it, we bought all the stuff together. We walked around the soccer field area for a while and settled for a space near the Moro Lorenzo gym. Great planner that I am, I totally forgot to bring a picnic mat. So I ended up putting my picnic basket on the cemented area near the gym.

V took his first shot at boomerang throwing and I was glad the boomerang actually spun around back to our general direction. General is the operative word. At least it wasn't a rip-off. We had fun throwing the boomerang around, sweating while running after it and throwing it again. At one point, the boomerang landed on the roof of Moro Lorenzo and V had to ask one of the "manongs" to get it (since he couldn't fit in the portion of the ladder that was locked off). He ended up with not only the boomerang but an Adidas soccer ball as well.

Chris showed up first with his gift for V from both him and Prix: a yoyo that lights up everytime you toss it. Then Maisa showed up to save the day with her waterproof mat that somehow never found its way outside her car. Yes!!! She also brought Kobe chips (made in China!) and 4 green granny apples. Yum. Lia arrived with Caramel and Chocolate Fudge McDo sundaes. The perfect ending to our picnic meal. Benjie arrived later, just in time for our games. We played Munchkin (brought by Maisa). V finally won his first game of Munchkin! After Munchkin, we played Bang (brought by Chris). Lia won as the Sheriff but she was really lucky since she played the Dynamite card.

All in all, it was a lovely afternoon and evening. We lay around under the sky and revelled in the grass. We played with boomerangs and board games and ate our hearts out. Afterwards, we all met up for V's wine and cheese party at his house in Morato where we continued the revelry. By then, I was tired out and ended up napping half the party away with Prix at V's room.

It's great to be a kid at heart! And even more fun to have a bunch of friends who are kids at heart as well. :)

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