Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Notes by the Seawall

I wrote this poem at the behest of a future former office mate. A little prodding always gets me to write as if I had a deadline. So here it is, unpolished yet, but with potential.

Notes by the Seawall

What could a sunset mean
at this time in my life,
watching the color that it casts
as a boat crosses
the gleaming coastline?
What thoughts could change me
as I sit listening to a toddler
beside me, gurgling
in French?

I have left everything behind.
I would,
without a second thought,
for a moment like this,
watching the rose-colored
gaze of the sun
slice across
this blank page,
now, no longer blank.

I watch my life
as sunset.
At the end of it all,
no more bustle
and noise
and fury.

Just the gentle
afternoon breeze,
writing by the seawall,
alive, aware and open
to grace.

March 3, 2005
Roxas Blvd.


ViVAgLAm! said...

And who is this future former officemate whom you wrote so beautifully for?

mari said...

Justine! visit my blog! i linked ya.


Justine said...

Hey Dix, the future former office mate who is now officially a former office mate. He once commissioned a poem before. I called it "Point of Fire." For some reason, he's the only person who asks me to write a poem on the spot. How can a poet resist?

Hey Mari, read your blog and felt in touch with the literary world again! And I'm also glad that I got to read Lori's blog as well. :)

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