Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Exercise, Kill Bill 2 and Marriage

Walked five kilometers around the Bellarmine field last night with my Dad. In full walking gear, hair ponytailed, I faced the prospect of eight rounds of cramped muscles. But I persevered. First of all, it was good to share the exercise with my Dad who badly needs the exercise. Secondly, this was an opportunity to meditate.

Well, what did I end up meditating on?
1) The numbers 1 - 8 in English and German (well beyond the number 5, I sort of made up the rest in German> sex, sept, oct. Haha).
2) Kill Bill 2 (so as not to spoil it for those who haven't watched, I'm not giving much away, okay). And ...
3) the upcoming scenario of married life.

I combined meditation topics 2 & 3 to come up with: The cruel tutelage of marriage. Though marriage may come tinted in pink and packaged in spotless white in Bridal Magazines, we all know that marriage is not a bed of roses. It is, I predict, almost similar to my brisk walking exercise.

#1 - I chose to give up an early bid for beauty sleep in exchange for excruciating exercise.
#2 - I was ready to do repetitive movement for 5 kilometers at least
#3 - I was ready to do this side by side with my Dad without necessarily talking to him and engaging in pleasant conversation
#4 - I was ready to give up by round 2 but I was determined to pursue my goal to the end
#5 - I ended up tired but fulfilled because I knew I had accomplished (a) something with intangible but positive effects and (b) the same applied to not only myself but to someone else

So there. Okay... "cruel" might be an extreme word. "Difficult" is more like it. I may still have romantic notions, not having been married before. But I will try not to hold on to any illusions.

This sounds like a bleak picture. But I know that everything balances out too. There will be as much happiness in my life.

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