Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Filipino Fridays #6 Torn Over ReaderCon Excitement

Okay, it's not a Friday anymore but I couldn't resist.

Here are the questions: What are you most excited about for this year’s ReaderCon?

Are you excited about the panels? What panels are you planning to attend, and why? The book discussions? Have you picked which one to attend? Are you excited to meet some of the awesome local authors we have invited? Are you ready to receive recommendations from the Book Recommendation Fair? Or are you there for the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards? Are you going with your friends, or alone? Are you excited to meet bloggers and other readers?

Here are the answers:

Okay, disclosure, I work with Buqo. So, pretty much, I'm going as a sponsor. Haha!

But....even if I weren't a sponsor, I would still have gone to the Filipino ReaderCon anyway.

I'm excited about the panels!

Torn, torn, torn

I'm torn between "Kids and Their Stories" and "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Popular." The former because I'm a mom and I want to learn more about children's books and how to encourage my kids to be readers. But at the same time, I'm very curious about the Wattpad phenomenon. I'm not a Wattpad reader but I signed up and I was mulling over putting up a story over there (but never found the time!). I'm an author (well, I still consider myself "aspiring author") and I want to learn more about what other readers read. I read for myself...I read esoteric stuff. I read "literary" stuff. It's not punishment for me. I just love it. But I'm really curious about what makes Wattpad tick. I'm curious about language and how people navigate through bilingual pastiche and how it moves them. What moves these readers? And what kind of stories are these authors coming up with? What inspired them? And how did it become some kind of movement?

Come to think of it, all the panels have me torn! I want to go to "The Digital Filipino Reader" and I also want to go to "What Booksellers Know" because both have great insights into the Filipino reader. I'm one. But I want to know what other readers are into. Aargh!

For "Authors as Readers" I might go with the one with Lourd de Veyra. Simply because I'm a (gushing) fan.

Same Dilemma for "Book Discussions." I want to go to the discussion on Pride and Prejudice because, well,  I'm a Pride and Prejudice girl. It's one of my all-time favorites. Ever. But. I also want to go to the Walang Diwata ng Pakgahulog because I'm interested in book clubs that read Filipino works. That's really interesting.

Wish List! And General Excitement

What I would have loved to attend would be a discussion on Diary ng Panget or something like it (i.e. Wattpad book). I really enjoyed the Fifty Shades of Gray discussion last year. I think I got read from laughing my head off. And because of the book discussion on Smaller and Smaller Circles, I got myself a copy too.

I'm excited to get book recommendations because my own little book club would benefit from more titles. However, we're a bit delinquent (understatement). Haha! I also read a lot. So, book recommendations are always welcome with me. I want recommendations on Pinoy Chicklit and why the reader loves that title. I also want recommendations on non-fiction (haven't really explored this area too much) and fantasy (haven't explored this in a while).

I'm definitely going with friends (and office mates).

And I'm always excited to meet fellow readers.

So come on over to the Filipino ReaderCon this coming December 7 at the Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila.

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