Friday, September 01, 2006

Bassinets and Bottles

Yesterday, as Vier and I were buying birthday gifts for family members, we happened to pass by the Infants Section of Rustan's and suddenly I realized I would be a mom for real. In concept, I've known this fact for months. I've been reading up about childbirth and childrearing, at least for the first year. I've been taking my vitamins and drinking my daily doses of milk. But there's nothing like holding the railing of a playpen-cum-bassinet to bring home the full picture of how your life is going to change.

I like the fact that the baby constantly reminds me of his/her physical presence by kicking and doing in-utero gymnastics. But everyday, I catch myself thinking of what it will be like to be taking care of a helpless little human being who will look to me and Vier as sole providers of everything: physical sustenance, emotional, psychological and spiritual guidance. As much as I look forward to the joy of holding the baby, I also realize the huge responsibility involved in raising a child in this troubled world.

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