Friday, January 20, 2006

West Coast Adventures

I loved my vacation (though, there were a lot of times I felt that I should get a vacation from my vacation).

Highlights (Dec. 26, 2005 - Jan. 12, 2006)

- We had roadtrips galore
- Ate pancakes in the Mojave desert
- Got frozen in the Grand Canyon
- Loved every niece in every port (Yana in San Francisco, Nina in Simi Valley LA, Sydney in Orange County)
- Got starstruck in Disneyland, Annaheim
- Commuted to the Getty Museum in LA (getting lost along the way)
- Lovely dinner with Paula and Butch in Fisherman's Wharf, with fantastic chocolate sundae in Ghirardelli Square afterwards
- Shopping in Ross, Target and all the outlets we could find
- Shopping for origami paper, a haori (kimono coat), and yukatas in the Narita Airport
- Feast of crabs in special sauce on our last night
- Cried my eyes out saying goodbye to my brother.

Unfortunately, I haven't downloaded all the pictures yet. So far, the only one I've posted is of me and V sharing a lovely sunset at the Getty.

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