Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Matter of Time

I was just trying to examine my fascination with the movie 2046, my fascination with the past when I ran into an analysis by Stephen Teo "2046: A Matter of Time, A Labor of Love."

"Wong (Kar Wai) shows that the theory of eroticism is the absence or denial of sex, which is the cornerstone of 'In the Mood for Love' and the recurring subject of 2046."

No wonder that film had such a profound impact on me. It is the whole "what if" of my past. There were so many quotes in the essay that stood out for me:

"Desire is better felt than satisfied."

"Time reduces the ache and discomfort while memory renders the emotion denser and purer."

But it's true. It is the most potent thing I have ever encountered. What you can never have is more alluring than what is at hand. But what does one do with desire if it will be destructive, if it is pointless, senseless? Channel it into something else, I guess. But the weight of it. Perhaps it will take a lifetime.

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