Friday, October 13, 2017

Writing About The Blues: How I Came Up With Notes in the Key of Lapis Lazuli

It was at a time that I was feeling dry, creatively, when the call for new fiction from was posted. I signed up right away because I needed a writing boost. The 5K to 7K word requirement was challenging but not overwhelming. 

But what to write about? I chose the prompt because it was very intriguing. It’s one of those situations that I actually want to experience: discovering that the CR stall in the office is actually a gateway to another world. How cool would that be?

Yes, it was cool but I was stuck again. What would it be about? Aaargh! The universe sent me the solution in the form of two workshops that I attended recently: a chakra master retreat and a kundalini yoga session. These were just what I needed to stimulate my sacral chakra, the chakra of creativity. 

And then I was on a roll. 

I wanted to write about a healer and that was why I chose to write about a nurse. And not just any kind of nurse, a mental health nurse. I know one and I’m in awe of her. It takes a lot of stamina, physically and mentally, to be a nurse in a mental health facility. 

In my story, I wanted to describe a journey of discovery: from feeling hopelessness and dreariness to a sense of purpose. I found the fantasy element very helpful in this aspect. Renewing the spirit involves imagination and a leap of faith. I wanted my main character, Anna, to take the trip of her lifetime and discover who she really is inside. A healer. It’s not unusual for someone to wake up one day and discover that all the mojo is gone. Getting back one’s mojo is an exercise in going back to one’s purpose and unique gifts.

It’s purely coincidental that my story came out just in time for #worldmentalhealthday. Maybe not purely coincidental — fated. I’d like to think of it as cosmic confluence rather than an accident. 

Here’s to everyone discovering their own unique superpower. 

You can read the story for free here:

You’ll also discover other lovely stories there about duwendes (dwarves) and cosplay emergencies. Enjoy!

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