Tuesday, April 18, 2017

King Butter Buns and The Dark Chocolates

Last Black Saturday, I made up a story together with my son. Sharing all the belly laugh-inducing silliness with you.

King Butter Buns and The Dark Chocolates 
by Justine Camacho-Tajonera

For B. 

King Butter Buns lived peacefully in the green hills with his minions, the Easter bunnies and the regular bunnies. The Easter bunnies were special. They ate the magic weeds of King Butter Bun's hills and pooped Easter eggs filled with soda gummies. King Butter Bun’s regular bunnies, on the other hand, pooped out milk chocolate bars.

Everything was going fine until the Dark Chocolates arrived. There was an army of them. They wanted to take over King Butter Bun’s kingdom. They came armed with Dark Chocolate bows and arrows and catapults. It was an all out war. King Butter Buns hit back with Easter eggs and milk chocolate bars. But they were outnumbered. The Dark Chocolates were winning.

Suddenly, from out of the horizon, a rocket ship of children arrived. The boys and girls saw that the Dark Chocolates covered King Butter Bun’s hills. “Eeew! Dark chocolates!” they cried out. Together, they flung the Dark Chocolates away until they saw the Easter eggs and milk chocolate bars. “Yay! Easter eggs and milk chocolate!” The children defeated the Dark Chocolates.

“Thank you, dear children,” King Butter Buns said, “as your reward, you can have as much Easter eggs, cola gummies, and milk chocolate as you want.” The boys and girls were astonished with the cola gummies. They didn't see that these were hidden inside the sugar shells of the Easter eggs. Everyone cheered! The regular bunnies and Easter bunnies pooped out all the Easter eggs and chocolate bars with grateful hearts. Before they left on their rocket ship, the children, in turn, left a box of carrots for the bunnies. What the bunnies pooped out from the carrots is another story. 

The End

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