Friday, May 13, 2016

May 9, 2016

Voter's Finger

May 9, 2016
- Justine Tajonera

Turds and 'tards and faded yellow
ribbons. Bullets and grain. Red
for change and blue for hope.
When we hold up the mirror,
we see the cracks. Into them go
our broken trains and hungry
farmers. Into them go our bank
accounts and tears and children's
tuitions. From them spring
the stones we hurl at each other.

Last November 2013, a torn cloth
flew over our devastation. That same
cloth shrouded fallen soldiers last
January. What color of cloth
will hold us together now and shield

"Everything will be all right," I tell
my son. He puts his trust in me.
It makes me tremble, yes, but
it helps me see beyond
my fears.

Note: May 9, 2016, Philippine National Elections 2016

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