Monday, July 14, 2014

How To Change The World #3.1: Supporting Small Family Farmers and Addressing Climate Change Takes a Community

The Assignment: Assignment: Illustrate (using video, slideshow, visual art, song, text, documentation of a direct action, or anything else) an issue relating to climate change in your neighborhood or in your life. This could take the form of illustrating an institution or habit that contributes to climate change (a coal power plant, a long commute) or a project responding positively to climate change (a community supported agriculture project).

Note: I am currently taking up a course boldly called How To Change The World offered by Wesleyan University (offered for free through and taught by Wesleyan University President, Michael S. Roth. It tackles major issues facing humanity and it is based on discussions brought up during the 2013 Social Good Summit in NY. I am putting up all my assignments on my blog as well.

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