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Falling for The Sanchezes (and Romeo!): A Book Review of Taming Romeo by Rachelle Ayala

Taming RomeoTaming Romeo by Rachelle Ayala
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I started reading this book in February. Then life caught up with me. I recently went back to it in the first few days of May and boy, did my summer get hotter! Finishing the book was memorable to me because I did it right after doing the groceries. This reminds me that reading can really be squeezed in anytime, anywhere.

The reason I love this book, though, isn't really about Romeo (although, he is one hot love interest!). You know what I loved about it? I loved Evie's family. There's nothing like an intimate portrait of a Pinoy family. That's what stole my heart. My favorite character, apart from Evie, the main character, is her older sister, Choco. Her dynamics with her family is hilarious and it's so true of an eldest Pinay daughter to be the mediator (and burdened with having to take sides at some point).

But please don't get me wrong! This is a steamy read, for sure. The fantasy of having a bad (bad, bad, bad) motorcycle-riding Romeo (also a Pinoy soap opera star) who names his Yamaha, Juliet, and who wears a lip ring...will come true. The setting moves about from the West Coast to the East Coast but it is totally Pinoy at heart. The pace is really quick and the characters will win you over. The only person I don't get in the whole book is Eric Shen, Evie's missing-in-action boyfriend (if you say it over and over, you'll have a laugh) but then again, there are really guys like that. But could he be that bad? They did share a long relationship. Anyway, don't let me give you spoilers. Just read it.

Taming Romeo was a fun, roller-coaster ride of love (and sex! and contraception!) and also a lovely little portrait of the migrant Pinoy family who still keeps a giant spoon and fork in their living room. What's not to love?

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