Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Sad Song at The MRT Station

Sad Song at The MRT Station

Suspend the speed at which people walk, 
watch them float on the concrete, 
watch the drops of rain slant in the air. 
Listen to the first tinny note
of the electric guitar.
It seems as if it is coming from nowhere. 
A woman's voice blends with the guitar.
It's a song from five decades ago
filling the space, her voice is so close.
It comes back to you, 
your grandfather singing the song,
"Kailangan kita" to your grandmother
who waves away his earnestness.
Your remember his eyes
bright with tears that will not fall,
his wavering voice. 
You think he was alone at that moment. 
But he wasn't. He is here, now, with you. 

- Justine C. Tajonera 

Image of MRT Station from Wikimedia Commons, by Mike Gonzalez

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