Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Mighty Shark by Victoria Gatan (Grade 6)

Sharing another poem from the Poetry Workshop at Dumoschola International School last Oct. 25. 

The Mighty Shark

What makes you so hungry? What’s your special
weakness? If you could live in the human world,
what would you do to survive? Why do you kill many
humans? Can you tumble like a dolphin? Do people
hurt your feelings? Do you ever fall in love? How?
Have you ever felt lonely? Why? Why are
you so dangerous? Do you have a family? How
do you kill a human? Why? Why am I so interested
in asking these questions? Why are you not
friendly? Is your wife a whale? What makes
you dangerous?

-       Victoria Gatan, Grade 6 

Illustration from Triangle Tracks.

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