Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let You In

by Justine C. Tajonera

I have already let you in.
Pieces of you and pieces
of me
share the same spaces,
fill my mind with
useless mementos.

There is the jar of
candy that I gave you,
the cup of ice cream
that we both liked,
the spongy toy
you gave me
that makes me weep
or cringe
as it loiters
on my already crowded

I have already let you in.
There is no taking back
the time.

As much as I have
tried to purge
what little
there was,
I invited you in
at the beginning.

And that is where
you will stay.

No one ever told me
the rules
of the heart:

That there is no
that it can only
no matter
how painfully
it does.

June 29, 2010

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