Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday Cake

by Justine C. Tajonera

One April, you had the perfect
We were all together,
we had bougainvilla flowers
in our hair.
The kitchen staff
at the resort
drove all the way
to town
to pick up
your heavenly
butter cake
in white marshmallow

I don't remember any
other birthday
quite like
this one.

It was because
we were complete,
by the beach,
not caring where we
would get
the cake
but sure
that it would
be there.

It was because
you were glowing
with happiness,
and we knew we
had a beautiful evening
on the sandbar
for us.

We will never know
who baked that cake
or where it was
We will never
taste it

But it was
and will be yours,

for Des
April 12, 2010
Image from (includes a recipe for fluffy white icing)

1 comment:

Carlo said...

Shit Justine. I teared up when I read that poem. I don't know why. Wala lang....:)

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