Wednesday, September 23, 2009


By Justine C. Tajonera

I see them sitting
by a food stand
along the train station.
I can tell
from the way
they hold their
donuts in their
that they
have been
this moment
for weeks.
Though they are
in rags and
smeared with dirt
the space around
them glows.
If I could but
parallel their
divine contentment
for every little
slight satisfaction
in my life
I would be
in Paradise.

(Sept. 22, 2009
Boni Ave. MRT Station, Mandaluyong City)

1 comment:

maria rita cecilia said...

this is bittersweet and lovely, justine...

...and meant for me.

harrison just won the mister donut account and now i will always carry around this thought in my head -- how it is a sweet bite of heaven for the child who pretty much lives off the streets...

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