Friday, August 21, 2009

My New Resolution: One Poem a Day

Next week will be my last week in a corporate job, after 12.5 years of dedicated service (3 years in internal communications and 9.5 years in marketing). By mid-September I will start a new life as a managing editor of a parenting website. I finally found the courage to face my fears and seize the opportunity to do what I love: parent, write and edit.

Because of this new resolve, I revisited my mission in life: to live life as a poet, to live life like an art, to make my life a gift to God and to others. Why wasn't I living my life as a poet? I didn't say what kind of poet I wanted to be. The usual and most crucial question is: is she published? I've been published in anthologies, yes, but my last published poem was in 2003. However, the internet makes it possible to publish like never before.

So, here I am, finally choosing what I love to do. Come hell or high water, I will write one poem a day. I will write it for you, dear reader. Because my life is a poem and I can't live unless I write it.

So starting today... expect one poem a day. One poem a day to share to the world and to shout out how much I love life.

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