Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cafe Ysabel Memories

This is long overdue. I promised Cathy that I would post her picture on my site. So, Cathy, here it is for all the world (or for all those who pass this way) to see. Congratulations to a great cook who is now a certified chef!

Anyway, being at Cafe Ysabel for Cathy's Legacy Buffet (final exam for the chefs-to-be) last March 26 reminded me of my wedding and all the good food that we managed to serve to our guests. For me, this place will always hold fond memories.

Last April 23, Vier and I celebrated our first year anniversary. The occasion inspired us to re-live our wedding day. We heard mass at Mary the Queen where we were married. By coincidence (or fate) we were picked by a lector (at random!) to offer the wine and hosts during the offertory. After mass, we had dinner at Cafe Ysabel where our reception was held.

Again, by coincidence (or fate) Gene was there to greet us. We had a lovely dinner (I had lobster bisque... the same soup we served during the wedding). After dinner, Gene treated us to panna cotta (again, the same dessert served during our wedding day). I'm not sure if he remembered this or if he just felt it was the right dessert for the evening.

To cap off a lovely dinner, Gene introduced us to his uncle. And in turn, his uncle congratulated us and wished us a long and fruitful marriage, just like his. He introduced us to his wife and told us that they've been married forty years and have four children.

It was a lovely day and I hope too that it bodes well for the next forty years. :)

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