Thursday, November 03, 2005

Booklovers Weekend

I just discovered a new website for those who love reading (myself included, of course). It's It's fabulous. Of course, I don't think I'll order online (ever again after my nightmare) but I love the suggested reading material, seeing the book covers and reading reviews. Just the perfect website to discover during this series of long weekends. Well, not that I haven't already started my bookhunting and book-reading fest. Just last weekend I finished "Dark Angel" by Sally Beauman. It had traces of characters from her other book "Landscape of Love" (i.e. Maisie's obsession with lists which are reflected in Constance Shawcross when she suffers a breakdown) but overall I really liked it. It was long , exciting (the best kind of treat when you have four days to yourself) and had a mystery. Now I'm dying to read the book that launched Beauman's career, "Destiny." I'm sure it will be a combination of the thoughtful fiction I love and the raunchy pulp fiction that I secretly like (it's just hard to find a writer who writes interestingly enough. After a while you start seeing her formula).

I've also been getting into the Alexander McCall Smith series, the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. It's great and I'm sorry that I missed "The Tears of the Giraffe" but hopefully I'll be able to borrow it one weekend in November. Mma. Ramotswe is someone I'd like to meet. Lastly, I've also been reading Ursula Le Guin's "Tales from Earthsea," long-postponed reading but well worth it. I'm looking forward to checking out Sting's autobiography "Broken Music" which still lays unopend by my bedside. I hardly go for autobiographies but seeing that it's Sting and that it has good reviews then I'm all for it.

Can't wait to get home and start reading again!

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