Monday, September 26, 2005

Some thoughts on the lack of EQ

People who rise to the top of their field—whether it’s psychology, law, medicine, engineering or banking—aren’t just good at their jobs. They’re affable, resilient and optimistic, suggests a growing store of studies on professional leaders.

In other words, it takes more than traditional cognitive intelligence to be successful at work. It also takes 'emotional intelligence,' the ability to restrain negative feelings such as anger and self-doubt, and instead focus on positive ones such as confidence and congeniality, claims an emerging school of behavioral thought.

From "Does ‘emotional intelligence’ matter in the workplace?"
By Bridget Murray, Monitor staff

Why am I writing about this? It's really because it plays an important role in my day to day work activities. There are just some people I don't get along with, not for a lack of trying (at least, on my end) but perhaps because they lack emotional intelligence. That's the only other explanation I can think of. I think I'm easy to talk to. I'm nice to a fault (I guess that's one of the things I have to improve on). But dealing with this certain kind of person is too much.

Sometimes I find myself gritting my teeth in anger over something this person has said. Sometimes I find myself banging on my own keyboard (at risk of damaging my own pc) while I'm replying to this person's email. The rage becomes almost physically apparent. It's like this person brings out the worst in other people (well, me in particular). Is this person a "provocateur" or is this person just downright obnoxious and unpleasant?

I think there's a difference between the two. A person who provokes thought might be a strong personality but he will have to be brilliant as well, someone who will also gain respect during the few times that he speaks. If a person loses another's respect, then that person has lost the power to influence. If he has no charm to back his boldness then he will simply appear harsh and inconsiderate. His accusations and demands will fall on deaf ears.

Ah, there, I've let it out. And this, after weeks and weeks of blog inactivity. Angst truly does stir the creative mind.


Juancho G said...

en estos momentos voy a comenzar la lectura de Inteligencia Emocional, despues te cuento que me pareció.llegue a tu pagina buscando fotos de un Studebaker, pienso seguir visitandote. un saludo muy grato para ti, buenas notas.

Justine said...

Hi Juancho, I put together this message in Spanish with the help of my friend, Juan: No sabia que hay gente de otros paises que acceden mi blog.No hablo con soltura el ingles. De todas formas, gracias por haber expresado tu opinion. Espero que la proxima vez puedas incluir la traduccion en ingles junto al espanol para poder aprender un poco.

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