Monday, August 23, 2004

Word Quilt

I didn't have my "bag journal" with me since Wednesday so I've written down all my words on all sorts of paper: receipt, itinerary sheet, hotel stationery. So here it is. My word quilt.

Recorded on August 18, Wednesday on my itinerary sheet:
Left my journal at home and now I'm stuck with this itinerary sheet for my temporary journal.There's lots to do as soon as we reach H.K. It's going to be my first time there. According to Erwin, the airport is really nice.

V Took me to the airport. He was so sweet about it. We couldn't really talk much because he was driving fast. My fault, really. I woke up late. So, we just held each other's hand or arm in between clutch change. It speaks volumes of how we relate to each other. Touch is a big factor. It reassured me that even though we weren't speaking, all was well.

The road is long
the car is quiet
I wonder for a moment
if you mind
this early morning trip
but your hand touches
my arm
just for a moment
in between gears
answering all
my questions.

Recorded on August 18, Wednesday on hotel stationery:
Just had lunch at OVA in the Pacific Place mall. Just resting in my room and trying to take in the pace. The pace is actually frightening. I onlly have around 15 minutes left before we go off to another meeting.

Recorded on August 22, Saturday on my Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf receipt:
The words chased me through a hot night. Something about my mother and the waiting: here is where we have met (words in the margin). Lost time and the option of obliterating a memory -- memory of a failed love, perhaps. No never. Not even the worst of what I thought was a ghost of love. All of them deserve equal billing.

One or two will find a natural balance. But each have taught the heart a lesson or two. All worth knowing and remembering.

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