Friday, August 06, 2004


Today, in the States, is the birthday of my brother, Gus (or Gussie, Gusyong, Augusto, even Levi at one point in his life). Whenever I think of the name Gus, it always bring to mind that adorable mouse in the Disney version of Cinderella. When I think "Gus" I think "Gus-Gus." Not to say that Gus is anything like the adorable mouse. He can be a cross between Johnny Bravo and a brooding James Dean. Well, inside, I think he's still that cute, sometimes befuddled, but always kind-hearted Gus-Gus. He's been through a lot, though. That's for sure.

Gus' story is amazing. I thought he would be a hopeless case. But no. He proved everyone wrong. And now he's a responsible Dad, a successful professional and a loving husband. He's even an affectionate brother who calls me up every now and then. Wow.

Gus is my example of how there is always hope. I go back to our childhood and the times we shared escaping our yayas, reading the same books and talking about our Mom. Back to the time he left home. Missing him. Having him back in our lives. Hating him. Trying desperately to keep the family together. In between there have been a lot of struggles and painful times. But in the end, I love my brother very much. Nothing can take that love away.

I dedicate this post to him and to all our wonderful brothers (whether they're protective, strong, willful, funny, affectionate or bull-headed, they are a blessing in our lives).

Happy Birthday, Gus. Keep dreaming the dream. Keep being the inspiration that you are.

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