Tuesday, August 17, 2004


My latest pulp addiction: The Best Science Fiction of 2003. Got it at a discount in National Bookstore (10-20% off, I think). What a buy! It's been my stress companion for the last week. One day, one story. You can't imagine what it feels like to know that there's a new story to go home to every day. Alas, those days are gone as I just finished the last story, "Bumpship," last night. I've officially devoured all the stories so I can't even take it with me to HK on my business trip.

Anyway, I digress. The stories are great. Highlights are "A Study in Emerald" by Neil Gaiman and "Confusions of Uni" by my favorite Sci-Fi author, Ursula Le Guin. "Cookie Monster," I forgot by whom, reminded me of my sis and her job in the call center. One word: Scary. Can you imagine being rebooted for the rest of your life so that you can be the perfect professional? I mean, you're totally motivated because it's always your first week at work at a job that pays you more than you bargained for. But imagine living the rest of your life in perpetual limbo. I can see that it's not an impossibility. That's what's so scary.

On a totally different topic: Why am I still at work? I don't know. I'm stress relieving again by blogging. This is my other addiction. I'm definitely hooked on it. Anyway, I have to go. Just needed to WRITE!!! So there. I've written. And I can't wait to do my next post.

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