Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Practicing my craft

I didn't start out as a marketer and I never imagined myself being one in the past. I have always described myself as a writer. A creative writer. Or an artist. When one looks into the job of marketing, though, one wouldn't wonder why a writer would actually survive/ thrive in such an occupation. It has to do with vision and strategy, after all. More than the numbers, really. It's the other side of advertising and I was more or less, trained in that field when I was in college.

Just this morning (and over lunch) I attended a mock-copy session where we went through 4 print advertising campaigns. Before this, I was going through the previous advertising evaluation materials and thinking of my own feedback skills. I used that stock knowledge and proceeded with the exercises, alternating among the roles of group head, product manager and marketing manager. I got a lot of good feedback from our group facilitator and I realized that I am really getting better at my craft.

I've gained more confidence from my previous projects and I've also learned a lot from my very capable division and department heads (through example). There was a time that I would get anxiety attacks because I felt that my being from a different field put me at a disadvantage whenever compared with my peers. But to hell with that. :) I am only as good as what I aim for. And I will aim for the best.

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