Sunday, June 06, 2004

"Mag-kumot ka"

I am typing this out in V's house. I hope he forgives me for using his Edsamail account to download the hello app and to post pictures saved on his computer. Hehe.

Anyway, this will be a short post. But a very useful one. Manang Juaning, V's sister's 'masahista' just gave me a massage. After the session she asked me, "Nag-kukumot ka ba?" (Do you use a blanket?). What a strange question but I said yes. Apparently I said the right thing. She smiled in approval (as in the smile that says, "I knew it! This girl is doing the right thing!") and began telling me the virtues of using a blanket.

Using a blanket will reduce your chances of getting arthritis, scoliosis (I hope I spelled that right) and varicose veins. Yes, varicose veins. Apparently, exposing your body to the cold will bring out the veins on your legs and feet! Okay, okay, she may have been making it up but no, she says that she has been massaging a number of people (more women than men) over the years and always the lack of a blanket has been the culprit for many aches and pains. She has been conducting an informal study that has led her to this conclusion. Wrapping yourself up at night makes your blood circulate better and makes your flesh and joints more supple. So there. Enough said. Please, please use a blanket. Make the most of our wonderful, warm Philippine weather and put it to good use on your body. We are luckier than most Northern hemisphere countries where they spend big bucks just to keep warm. Put off the aircon and pull up that blanket.

Magkumot ka and keep arthritis away for as long as you possibly can. :)


ViVAgLAm! said...

Something "Jade from LiveJournal" wrote:

"You know, I just know (funny little words)
that when love steals me, I'll spread it
like endless thread-count sheets of
the finest fibers I could spin
from my fair, flawed hands.

My love will suffer wrinkles
and folds at the foot of your feet.
Sometimes you'll fling it aside
with a stifling twitch.
But you know later that night,
you'll reach out for it again.

Oh but by far, my love
will be your lifting sheet,
a curve of a cloud above you,
the smell of spring in your nostrils
as I'll gently glide to you.

Your comforter, your borders
your billowing blanket,
your safety and rest-
my love will be that for you.
No less, but so much more."

A Visionary Philosopher can just scratch her head. Perhaps the Word Warrior knows where such emotion and imagery-laden lines come from.
Let me get back to my number-crunching and bulleted lists.

Justine said...

That was such a beautiful poem. Blankets and love. It threads my last 3 posts into one tapestry. :)

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