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Filipino Friday 2013 #1 What Species of Book Reader Am I? Definitely Azkal

Come to the Filipino Reader Con this coming November 9!

First of all, let me just give a bit of a background. I'm participating in this year's Filipino Reader Con preparations. As an avid reader, I'm very happy to contribute to the Reader Con's Filipino book blogger Fridays.

So today, the idea is a bit of an introduction but instead of using a conventional way of introducing ourselves, we need to use the reader classifications made by Laura E. Kelly (see graphic below).

I am definitely a mongrel reader. So, how do I love books? Let me count the ways.

1. I am a compulsive book cherisher.

  • I am a book worshipper. I keep collecting and collecting books. I tried giving them away to libraries and reading programs....but I end up getting more books, anyway. 
  • I am also a book hoarder. I collect but I don't necessarily read them all. This is related to my being a conflicted reader...but we'll get there later. 
  • I'm also a compulsive book buyer. This is now related to my being a book rescuer because I'd definitely burn holes in my pocket if I just kept going for brand new books.
2. I am also a compulsive book abuser
  • I am a book rescuer. Whenever I go do the groceries, whether I'm in Shopwise or in Pioneer Center, I end up in the secondhand bookshops there. I find some excuse and then I can't leave empty handed. 
  • I am NOT a book underliner and scribbler but I wanted to take this up because my mother was certainly this type of book abuser. I'm glad she did it. And I love her for it. I cherish all those underlines and notes. 
  • I am a self-confessed promiscuous reader. Sometimes I read three different books in the same day but in different situations (see situational reader later on). Or sometimes I abandon the other book or books I'm reading in favor of one that has become more interesting or un-put-down-able. 
3. I am a situational reader
  • As a situational reader, I am an omni-reader. I read anything, even receipts and labels and food ingredients. Anything. When I eat breakfast, I am reading the nutrition table on the milk box. When I am stuck anywhere and I didn't bring my own reading material, I hunt around for something to read.
  • I am also an app happy reader. Whenever I am waiting for my husband to pick me up I read a book on my iPhone. Whenever I am waiting, in general, I am reading on the most convenient form of book, the eBook. 
  • I am a sleepy bedtime reader. I think this gets me into trouble because my reading time eats into my sleeping time. I also read somewhere that the glow from a digital device (even when it's in night mode) affects my sleepiness. So there. I am in the bad habit of doing this. The thing is, I can't help it. 
  • I am a bathroom reader. Haha! That sounds gross. But it's been something that I've done since way back. I can't go into the bathroom to do you-know-what without a book. I have to confess too...I end up shouting from the bathroom to have someone pass me a book because I just can't do it without a book. Sorry, TMI. 
4. I am a social reader
  • I am a book clubber. I can't do without my book club mates. There are some things I can only discuss with my book club. Although my book club is kind of delinquent, it doesn't stop us from reading outside of our reading list and doing Facebook shout-outs to each other about what we're reading. 
5. I am also a free range reader
  • It's complicated for me. I read anything. I read YA and, as a mom, I read toddler books too. I read anything. But don't get me wrong, I'm also a resister (see below). 
6. I'm a conflicted reader too. I'm a self-confessed delayed onset reader and a slow starter when it comes to some books. Some examples of these books: Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns (now that I've read it, I can't wait to read his other books! And I can't believe I waited months to read his book). It took me a very long time to continue reading the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society book too. It had to do with the format, I think. I'll explain in another post when we talk about eBook and print book reading habits. I remember that it took me a very long time to get start started with To Kill a Mockingbird. But when I did read it, I couldn't put it down and I was in tears when I finished reading the book. 

So there, that's me, the azkal reader. :-) Glad to meet you!

Infographic by Laura E. Kelly.
What Species of Reader Are You?--Infographic
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Chinwags and Tittle-Tattles said...

Dear Justine,
Came across your blog via Candy Gourlay's. I'm sure I've met you before. Not sure whether it's in Assumption San Lorenzo or St Paul Pasig which I both attended. But anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I love this post as I can really identify with you, except that I don't belong to any book club :) I also read brand packages. Haha. And ads on tubes. I've read 'To Kill A Mockingbird' several times and finally got myself a copy last year. I'm trying to read 'A Clockwork Orange' by Anthony Burgess but the colloquialism is quite heavy for my understanding. The one book I'm not ever gonna read is 'Fifty Shades of Grey.' I'm an Azkal book reader too, but that one's absolutely not right up my street. Have a lovely weekend :) PS. I'm not very much poetry-cultured, but I'm enjoying reading your poetry posts :)

Justine said...

Dear Chinwags and Tittle-Tattles (love that blog name/ title),

I did go to Assumption, Antipolo (not San Lorenzo) but there were always some events where I'd end up in the San Lorenzo maybe it was there where we met?

Glad to meet an Azkal reader like you! And yes, I couldn't read Fifty Shades of Grey too (I tried to start, believe me!). I watched a video excerpt of "A Clockwork Orange (the film)" and it left me very bewildered (and bothered). I think I'll take a while before I pick up an Anthony Burgess novel.

I'm glad you enjoy my poetry posts! Poetry seems very esoteric (sometimes, alienating) and requires some work...but I find it very rewarding. :-)

Stop by anytime!

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